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As we progress toward an unprecedented year for weddings, and many more in the future, we have taken the leap to take our hair and makeup journey to the next level as well. You see, our company started as a small dream and has grown into a concept of self love and admiration. Our stylists and artists have worked endlessly in making their clients feel like the best version of themselves.  As time passed, our original name, "Magnifique Artistry", was just that...a name that was chosen for expertly applied art but it does not encompass what we believe in.  

To love ourselves for what we have.

Bewitched means to enchant and delight. To mesmerize and charm. To captivate and enthrall. To seduce and hypnotize. Whichever version you choose, that's what our stylists and artists deliver. The best version of you.

So, strap on your most enchanting wedding gear and hop on for the best bridal experience of your life.

"There is no such thing as a 'Bridal Look'.   Every Bride is unique in their own way. Some want full blown glam, and some want a soft natural look. In the end, you have the last say on what you want your look to be. What exactly is that? Whatever makes you feel like you because when you look back at your gorgeous pictures 5, 10, even 20 years from now, you want to be able to say that was the best version of me I could be."

---- Stephanie Fitzgerald - Owner

Bewitched is here to do just that. We take inspirational photos our brides fall in love with and make them more "you". And with over 10 years of bridal experience each, including being featured artists for Atlantic City, New York and Philadelphia Fashion Weeks, our dedicated team of bridal beauty professionals are able to provide just that. You seem, we have been there as previous brides ourselves. We have gone through the process of filtering vendors and endured the grueling process of finding the perfect beauty company for our wedding days. What we found was either pricing was too high, services were not offered, or we had to drag the entire bridal party to a salon at 6 am on our wedding days. This is why Bewitched was created, and we promise to change your view on wedding services by changing bridal beauty standards in the wedding industry. 

Bewitched is proud to offer exceptional service, for the past 4 years, since the company itself started.  Our client reviews and awards from The Knot and Wedding Wire prove our commitment to achieving the perfect look and service.

All of our current stylists have over 10 years of experience each with hair and/or makeup services. We pride ourselves on providing professional, incomparable, and incredibly efficient looks, in the comfort of your home or event location. 

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COVID-19 Update:  

Bewitched is taking all of the necessary precautions in order to keep both our clients and stylists safe during these unprecedented times.   We are currently offering our trials to be taken place in our Williamstown location in order to ensure that all guidelines and precautions are followed accordingly.  All wedding services will still be performed on the location of the couple's choice. 

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